Beblum Snack High Chair

Being a new parent can be exciting yet scary as you do not know what to do. Being in a few baby’s fairs for the past few years for Beblum, many parents actually asked us this, “At what age should I get my baby a high chair?”. Well, you should start getting your baby a high chair when they can sit on their own and eat solid food which is around 6 months old.

So the next question is “FINDING THE BEST AFFORDABLE BABY CHAIR!”. So ask yourself a few questions:-

Does it take up a lot of space?

Can it grow with your baby?

Before we answer those questions, it is important to consider its safety features. To be honest, many parents had accidents with their babies because they did not use the safety buckle. Our Beblum’s Snack high chair has a five-point safety harness to restrain their shoulder and waist during feeding sessions. It is extremely important to have the harness system on as we do not want them to fall off the chair. In terms of comfort, Beblum’s snack highchair comes with a padded seat with reclining positions that are versatile and appropriate for milk feeding sessions. Comes with an adjustable footrest that allows your baby to sit in comfort and correct postures.

Most of the babies are messy eaters, meaning when they eat, it’s a mess everywhere. The worst part of it? Cleaning them! So parents really have to consider the material of the seats when they buy them. Why? Because if it’s made from fabric, it will take hours to clean them! Lucky for you, Our Beblum’s snack highchair comes with a leatherette seat which makes them fairly simple to maintain. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth!

Okay, getting back to our questions above, Does it take up a lot of space? Yes, some baby chairs do, but ours definitely do not take up space!

Last question, does it grow with your baby? YES! Our Beblum’s snack highchair is not only an affordable baby product but it can be used up to 15KG! Apart from using it up to 15kg, Beblum’s snack highchair has a unique feature which is height adjustment.  Our high chair has 7 adjustable height levels and it is flexible for you to adjust to any table height.

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