Why is height adjustment the most important feature for a baby high chair?

Each year, thousands of children are injured in high-chair-related accidents.

To prevent this, it’s important to take certain safety precautions when using a high chair or booster seat. 

But first, we need to be aware of what kind of injuries a baby or a child may sustain from such situations. The biggest risk of injury when using a high chair is a fall. Over 90 percent of all high-chair-related injuries are due to falling  If a child were to fall from a high chair, they could suffer a number of injuries, including:

  • Head injury.
  • Concussion.
  • Neck injury.
  • Cuts.
  • Scrapes.
  • Broken Bones.
  • Mouth injuries.
  • Broken teeth.

However, falls aren’t the only injuries associated with high chairs.

Children can also be injured by:

  • Choking on an item left within reach.
  • Burning themselves on hot food or beverages close to them.
  • Cutting themselves with sharp objects left within reach.
  • Toppling the high chair by pushing on the table with their feet.
  • Pinched fingers in latches or high chair joints.

So to prevent these from happening, what kind of a high chair should you look for? There are many high chair models available. While it’s tempting to skip straight to a booster seat to save space or money, it’s wise to choose an age-appropriate high chair for your child. This ensures it will meet their unique physical and developmental needs. 

But what if there’s a high chair that can grow with your child? Here’s where we introduce to you Beblum’s Snack High Chair. Our Beblum’s Snack high chair has a five-point safety harness to restrain their shoulder and waist during feeding sessions. It is extremely important to have the harness system on as we do not want them to fall off the chair. In terms of comfort, Beblum’s snack highchair comes with a padded seat with reclining positions that are versatile and appropriate for milk feeding sessions. Comes with an adjustable footrest that allows your baby to  sit in comfort and correct postures.

Beblum’s snack highchair comes with a leatherette seat which makes them fairly simple to maintain. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth! It’s also foldable, which takes up little space for you to store them in! It also comes with a double tray feature so that cleaning up after your child is done with their food is easier!

The Snack High Chair has a 5-point harness, keeping your child tight and secure, which prevents major injuries that could’ve happened with a traditional seat. Speaking of injuries, let’s go back to why height adjustment is an important feature when it comes to baby high chairs. Traditional and most modern baby high chairs have only one height, roughly about 3-4 feet. Which is dangerous for a baby, accidents can happen anytime and if there’s anything to prevent that, as parents, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones safe! Beblum’s Snack HighChair differs from your basic traditional and modern high chairs because it has a height adjustment which you can adjust up to 9 levels of height! 

Suitable for dining tables or tables in general of any height, Beblum’s snack High Chair can be adjusted to your liking and preferences! It’s also extremely affordable, and with the number of safety features it has, it’s definitely worth a bang for your buck!

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