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The Importance of Using a Baby Car Seat

a baby girl is yawning while being strapped to a baby car seat.

The Importance of Baby Car Seats and ISOFIX Car Seats: Ensuring Safety for Malaysian Children

The government has recognized the crucial role of baby car seats in Malaysia by making them mandatory since 2020 for kids in vehicles. To further support parents, especially those from lower-income households, the government has introduced the Child Restraint System Purchase Subsidy Keluarga Malaysia Program (MyCRS) to subsidize these car seats for safety benefits to these families who are in need.

Understanding the significance of car seats extends beyond compliance with the law and avoiding fines. Properly securing your child in a baby car seat significantly reduces their fatality risk in the event of an accident, up to 71 percent according to the research. Therefore, this highlights the essential need of the car seat for your child’s safety.

Standard seat belts are designed for adults but children below 150cm are not adequately supported or secured by them during an accident. This can result in serious injuries as they may be thrown forward with great force. Moreover, infants under two years old have delicate necks, spines, and unfused skull bones, making them particularly vulnerable to head injuries if unsecured during a crash. A well-installed and used child car seat provides comprehensive protection from all sides, ensuring their safety.

What is ISOFIX?

The ISOFIX car seat

ISOFIX is a secure and convenient method for attaching child seats in cars. Car seats, seat belts, and anchorages can vary significantly between vehicles. ISOFIX eliminates the need for using seat belts to secure the car seat. Instead, the ISOFIX car seat is directly connected to the fitting points built into the car and the seat itself. This method provides enhanced stability and security.

To determine if your car has ISOFIX points, check for ISOFIX car seat labels located between the base and back of your car seats. These labels may indicate the presence of fitting points. You can also consult your vehicle’s handbook or contact the manufacturer or dealer for clarification.

By using ISOFIX, you can easily plug the car seat into the corresponding fitting points in your car. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with seat belts and ensures a secure installation. Additionally, an additional top tether or support leg is utilized to prevent the child seat from tilting or rotating during an impact.

Experience the convenience and reliability of ISOFIX for attaching your child’s car seat and enjoy peace of mind knowing they are securely protected on every journey.

Top Tether

the strap behind the ISOFIX car seat.

A top tether is a fabric strap that secures the child seat to a tether point behind the rear car seat, usually at the back of the rear seat, the bottom of the trunk or on the ceiling. Check your car’s handbook for the exact location in your car. Top tethers on rearward-facing car seats often have to be attached to the car’s front seat.

Any Isofix child seat with a top tether should fit any car with a top tether anchor point.


Load Leg

The load leg of a ISOFIX car seat.

A load leg is fitted to the child seat and extended to the floor of the car between the back seat and the front seat, or between the front seat and dashboard. It prevents the child seat tipping over forwards in a collision. They are easier to use than a top tether. 

However, if there are hollow storage compartments in the floor, the foot of the support leg must not rest on the lid of the compartment because it may collapse under the forces created in a collision.

Fitting ISOFIX Baby Car Seat

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • ISOFIX slots are located behind the rear seats, between the back of the seat and the seat cushion.

  • Locate the ISOFIX points in your car by checking your car’s handbook and looking for the ISOFIX label on the rear seats.

  • Push the connectors into the ISOFIX slots in the car seat. You’ll hear an audible click or see a visible indicator turn from red to green, confirming a secure attachment.

  • If using the top tether fixing point, connect the top tether strap to thedesignated point in the car. Do not attach it to a head restraint or luggage hook, as they are not strong enough.

  • For a child seat with a load leg, adjust it correctly to brace the seat against the floor. Ensure it is not over an underfloor storage compartment that may collapse upon impact.

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